A story in it self

A tradition in its self

Bakkastova was moved to today’s location around 1870. The original function of the house was to host the Husmann family at Nedre Fretheim farm (today: Fretheim Hotel.) Husmann is the Norwegian word for cotter or tenant farmer. The house was in its original state a treromsstove which indicates a small house with three rooms.
Bakke means hill and stove means small house. It is therefore natural to imagine that Bakkastova got its name after being relocated to the hill where it is standing today.

Bakkastova wants to build on its heritage and present Norwegian culture by serving traditional Norwegian food.

Beautiful Flåm

Flåm is a village in the municipality of Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane county. Flåm is location in a branch of the Sognefjord, almost 175 km from the Norwegian cost. Positioned far from the coast, and surrounded by mountains, Flåm experience warm and dry climate during the summer months. The beautiful and scenic Flåm valley has for more than a hundred years welcomed tourists. In the 19th century English Lords came to Flåm to fish salmon in the Flåm river. Today the Flåm Railway, and Nærøyfjorden UNESCO world heritage site are one of the most visited tourist destination in Norway.
The name Flåm derives from Old Norse meaning “flat piece of land” referring to the flood plains of the Flåm river.

Welcome to Flåm!